Why refer patients to Allen Psychiatry for TMS or Spravato

  • Allen Psychiatry is amongst the top TMS and Spravato providers in DFW

  • Patient Satisfaction Survey shows 100% of our patients would recommend us for TMS

  • Over 85% of our patients have responded to TMS Treatment

  • Over 70% of our patients have achieved remission from their depression

  • Double Board Certified Psychiatrist on site

  • Joint Commission Accredited - demonstrating highest quality in healthcare

  • Knowledgeable and trained treaters with over 3,000 treatments under their belts

  • Top 1%, highest level of distinction - Neurostar Diamond Level Provider

  • Dedicated TMS Team that handles all prior authorizations and financial plans

Will I loose my referred patient?

Absolutely not! We only treat the specific service referred to us and send patient back to referring providers for other services. In addition, our team will send treatment updates and records to referring provider.