Allen Psychiatry is the first Neurostar TMS Therapy Center in Allen, TX

"We are now providing one of the most advanced FDA cleared treatments for depression including NeuroStar TMS Therapy. Our response rate is over 75%, higher than national average", Shahla Ali, MD

"100% of our TMS patients would recommend us for TMS Therapy", Taya Hambly, TMS Coordinator

Neurostar TMS Therapy
TMS Treatment in DFW

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Depression doesn't wait. Our TMS Team is working diligently to provide a safe, sterile and welcoming environment for all of our current and new TMS Patients. We are helping to fill the gap for patients who need TMS treatment during this uncertain time.

Strict protocol has been put in place to ensure our patients can continue treatment safely.

  • Treaters are wearing gloves and masks. Changed after each patient.

  • Each patient is screened with the approved CDC Questionnaire and encouraged to

  • stay home if possibly exposed, exposed or feeling unwell.

  • Patients are kept 6ft apart in waiting room in separate seating zones.

  • New Patient intake appointments can be done via Telemedicine

  • All wait room chairs are cleaned after each patient

  • Our TMS rooms receive a deep cleaning at the end of each day and are sterilized after each patient. This includes door knobs, TMS Machine and TMS Chair

We know these times are uncertain; our patients care is not.


Why Allen Psychiatry for TMS

  • Board Certified Psychiatrist on site

  • Knowledgeable and trained treaters with over 2,000 treatments under their belts

  • Dedicated TMS Team that handles all prior authorizations and financial plans

  • In house payment plan options and 3rd party interest free financing options

  • Counselor on staff for supportive care

  • Patient Satisfaction Survey shows 100% of our patients would recommend us for TMS

  • Use NeuroStar TMS Machines which are proven to be safe and efficacious

  • Quick turnaround times on processing prior authorizations and obtaining approvals

  • Treatment rooms designed with patient privacy and comfort in mind

  • Direct number (469-777-4057 ) to reach the TMS Coordinator, Taya Hambly, with any questions or concerns

Virtual Consult with our TMS Coordinator

Click below to initiate a virtual consult with Taya Hambly, our TMS coordinator to answer any of your questions on TMS. (If Taya is available, it will show green dot on the icon below). No software install is required. It works on your desktop or mobile web browser. If Taya is not online at this time (red dot on the icon) and you would prefer to schedule a virtual or an in-person consult, please call us directly at our TMS line, 469-777-4057 or email at

NeuroStar TMS Therapy for Depression

Allen Psychiatry is the first Neurostar TMS Therapy Center in Allen, TX

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NeuroStar Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS)

NeuroStar Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) Therapy is a new treatment cleared by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for patients suffering from depression who have not achieved satisfactory improvement from prior antidepressant treatment. TMS stands for “transcranial magnetic stimulation.”

TMS Therapy is a treatment that can be performed in a psychiatrist’s office, under his or her supervision, using a medical device called the NeuroStar TMS Therapy system. NeuroStar TMS Therapy is:

  • Non-invasive, meaning that it does not involve surgery. It does not require any anesthesia or sedation, as the patient remains awake and alert during the treatment

  • Non-systemic, meaning that it is not taken by mouth and does not circulate in the blood stream throughout the body.

  • Treatment times are generally 19 minutes and patients are out of the office in 30 minutes. A full cycle of TMS is 36 sessions that take place over 6-9 weeks.

TMS Therapy for Depression

What is NeuroStar Advanced Therapy (TMS)?

During a NeuroStar treatment session, a magnet similar in strength to that used in a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) machine is used to stimulate nerve cells in the area of the brain thought to control mood. These magnetic pulses may have a positive effect on the brain’s neurotransmitter levels, making long-term remission possible.

Treatment with NeuroStar Advanced Therapy is easy:

  • Therapy sessions are conducted in your doctor’s office

  • You can return to normal activities right away

  • You are awake during treatment

  • There are no negative effects on memory or sleep

  • It’s covered by most health insurance plans, including Medicare and Tricare

Is NeuroStar TMS Therapy® Right for You?

If you agree with two or more of these statements, NeuroStar Advanced Therapy (TMS) may be right for you.

  • Depression symptoms have interfered with my daily life.

  • I am not satisfied with the results I get from depression medication.

  • I have had or worry about side effects from depression medications.

  • I have switched medications for depression due to side effects.

  • I am interested in a proven, non-drug therapy for depression.

For people with depression who have not benefited from antidepressant medication, NeuroStar TMS Therapy can offer hope

NeuroStar TMS Therapy may not be right for everyone, so talk to a us to learn more about how this proven alternative depression treatment has helped other people with their depression, and whether it may help you or your loved one.

TMS+YOU is an online community and national patient advocacy site for TMS Therapy. Those considering Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) can connect with patients who have had the treatment to answer questions, share insights, and get the latest information.


NeuroStar TMS Therapy is indicated for the treatment of Major Depressive Disorder in adult patients who have failed to receive satisfactory improvement from prior antidepressant medication in the current episode.

NeuroStar TMS Therapy is only available by prescription. A doctor can help decide if NeuroStar TMS Therapy is right for you.

Important Safety Information

The most common side effect is pain or discomfort at or near the treatment site. These events are transient; they occur during the TMS treatment course and do not occur for most patients after the first week of treatment. There is a rare risk of seizure associated with the use of NeuroStar TMS (<0.1% per patient).

NeuroStar TMS Therapy should not be used with patients who have non-removable conductive metal in or near the head. NeuroStar TMS Therapy has not been studied in patients who have not received prior antidepressant treatment.