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Google Reviews:

"I have never in my life met a psychiatrist who cares more about her patients than Dr. Ali. She knows them all by name and will take the time to really make her patients feel comfortable and understand what she is saying. The scheduling system online makes appointments a breeze to make! I can't recommend this doctor enough! There are no words for the level of compassion this woman shows for all involved. Patient care is her top priority and it shows EVERY SINGLE time. I wish I could give Dr. Ali a hundred stars!!!!", Summer K

"Dr. Ali is the best psychiatrist I have been to. The amount of dedication and care she provides for me is always overwhelming. She replies to my long texts, sometimes even on weekends at night even apologizing if it took her a little time to reply. I always feel validated and heard, which for me is the core of being a good psychiatrist. with She is always discussing my options with me and always makes an effort to get me the support and the medication I need as early as possible. She also efficiently handles all the insurance requirements in a timely manner. She is the only person who interviews the patients, which is great if you don't like to discuss your symptoms with multiple people. It feels very private and confidential. Her staff are nice, helpful and accommodating. The wait in her office is never more than 15 mins in a nice comfortable waiting room that has a coffee machine :)", SM

"I really liked that I didn't have to talk to multiple people regarding my difficult and personal situation. Dr. Ali took her time to completely understand reasons for my situation and prescribed a medication that has already changed my life. She was reachable even outside of appointment for quick questions. Very knowledgeable and highly recommended!!!", Francis E

"Dr Ali is a great doctor. I loved her! She is very empathetic and make you feel comfortable. Too bad I am moving out of town now but I hope to keep seeing her online! ", Niki S

"Awesome psychiatrist! I've personally interacted with Dr Ali and find her to be very knowledgeable and patient centered. I will definitely recommend her services" , Efosa A

"It's rare to find a good doctor, but she is a needle in the haystack. I look forward to my visits with her. She is very personable and makes you feel valued. She has true dedication to this kind of work. She is also available to you 24/7 and you can get a hold of her through text. I've never had a doctor offer that. The world needs more doctors like her!", LocalGuide

"Extremely caring and intelligent, listens well and seems to truly care about her work and her customers. Highly recommend!", Ren B

"straightforward and no BS.  Very good at calling a spade a spade and seeing thru stuff.  she looks for the real issue and helps as best she can.  she cares.", Mike A

"Dr. Ali is the best. She really listens and gives great advise. She is always on time. Her staff is extremely nice. I'm so glad I found her!" , Grace H

"Dr. Ali, is the best! She truly cares... She made an appointment for me on her day off, for an emergency visit. My husbands needs someone to talk to, and she is booked for a solid month, but is able to see him, today. She really cares. Absolutely recommend her to everyone. Thank you Dr. Ali, for all your hard work!", Rossie J

"I love Dr. Ali. I love the fact that I was listened to, she took plenty of time with me and I felt like I mattered to her.  She was sensitive, intelligent and knows what she's doing.  I'm impressed with the fact she took an all non narcotic approach with my care and I'm able to function and be the mother I need to be and maintain stability. I would highly recommend her! I definitly don't feel like she is the type of dr who hands out medicines that are not useful and will only sedate you.  As I've been to plenty of Dr's that do, and ive never gotten better.  Thanks for your care Dr. Ali!, Allanah G

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